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Here is a brief description of the different modalities in which I have been trained and which I perform regularly.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

What Can Chinese Medicine Treat?
Pain is the most common complaint an acupuncturist sees, but there are many things we have been trained to help.  Some areas I've treated and in which I've seen success are allergies, insomnia, digestive issues (such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome), symptoms of stress, migraines, menopausal discomforts, quitting smoking, PMS, low energy, dizziness, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neck, shoulder, hip, elbow, knee and back pain.

Acupuncture  Very very tiny needles are inserted in the body in locations that have been found to correspond to specific problems.  The insertion of the needles is rarely painful and at worst feels like a fleeting pinch.  Most people experience a pleasant feeling of warmth, tingling, or pressure with the needles and actually want to come back for more.  My technique is gentle and minimizes any potential discomfort.

Tuina  This is a style of Chinese bodywork that tends to be invigorating and is helpful with pain and in bringing relaxation.  Tuina is generally performed while the patient is clothed, and in fact, I will often use a pillowcase to cover skin on arms or legs that is not clothed. Techniques such as rolling, which feels like the muscles are being massaged like pie dough with a rolling pin, and "spine pinching", where the skin is grasped and pulled to help break up adhesions, are unique to this style of bodywork.  I do some simple stretches and pressing as well, and the classic "striking", which feels great on sore muscles.  I include some tuina in every treatment!

Cupping  I LOVE cupping!  (It's my favorite technique to have performed on me and I really enjoy sharing it with patients who have never had it done!)  Little "cups" (pictured on the left) are used to create a suction on the area of large muscles (mostly the back).  This suction pulls blood into the area, causing adhesions and stagnated waste to be washed away, and bringing in oxygen and nutrient rich circulation.  Cupping feels amazing and leaves aching muscles feeling warm and soothed.

Electrical Stimulation  This is not as scary as it sounds!  A very small current is passed between 2 needles to help stimulate muscles that are very stubbornly holding on to their pain.  The level of intensity is completely up to the patient and can be adjusted to whatever is comfortable.  Some pain responds well to this and it is a great technique to have at my disposal!

Herbal Prescriptions A huge part of my training was spent studying Chinese herbs.  In fact, that was my primary area of interest until I fell in love with the hands on healing techniques also presented at my school.  Herbs come in many forms (raw, powdered, pills, tinctures) and can be tailored to fit into any lifestyle.  They are a great compliment to the treatments and help continue the healing process on a different level at home.  I also love to give nutritional advice.  In reality, everything we put into our bodies is medicine, and I like to help people focus on their diets and incorporating foods that are catered to their health issues.  Just making informed food choices can be as effective long term as taking herbs or pills and can be a lot of fun!

Home Visits  There's nothing like sitting in traffic to undo a wonderful, relaxing session!  Of course, home visits aren't convenient for everyone, and we can time your visit so you won't be leaving at rush hour!  But I do love giving home treatments, where I know my patient can rest afterwards (and drink water!) in a comfortable place.  I feel that the treatment has a chance to "soak in" better this way, and I love accommodating my patients however I can.

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  With so many insurance companies now realizing the benefits 
 of acupuncture and offering coverage, I have begun to accept  medical insurance for my services.    Because it is still new to 
 a lot of plans, we will usually want to check with your insurance
  to work out the details before you come in for a visit.

 For those without insurance, I am happy to find a fee that fits
 in your budget and still allows you to get the care you need.

 As always, I love offering to help my fellow musicians who may
 need the assistance and offer a musician's discount to those
 without insurance and to those on the HAAM program.
Cupping  Tuina  Electrical Stimulation
Chrissie Natoli, MSOM, LAc