About Me
I have been practicing acupuncture and tuina in the Austin area since 2007.  I attended the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin.  There I earned my Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine in both Acupuncture and Herbs and in Tuina, the Chinese style of massage.    Prior to this schooling, I received a Bachelor's of Science in Biology from the Pennsylvania State University in 1998.  I had been on the Pre-Med path but became disillusioned with modern medicine and realized I wanted to follow a more alternative path.  I spent several years searching for that path, as well as starting my family and having my son, Kieran, who was born in 1999.  I am also a musician, and in the course of my travels, discovered Austin because of its amazing music scene.  I had already been considering Oriental Medicine, and when I realized Austin had one of the best programs in the country, things fell into place and I began studying there.  I also worked part time at a local hospital, coordinating pharmaceutical studies,  performing ECG's, taking blood pressures, and gathering patients' medical histories, which I believe was very useful in developing my bedside manner.
Now I am very fortunate to be able to live a life balancing my acupuncture and musical careers with my family.  I hope to share the happiness and balance that I feel with my patients and to be a healing presence in the lives of others.

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Cupping  Tuina  Electrical Stimulation
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TX Medical License # AC01012
Cupping  Tuina  Electrical Stimulation
Chrissie Natoli, MSOM, LAc