My name is Chrissie Natoli and I am a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Texas.  I practice both out of my office in South Austin, as well as making myself available to make house calls.  My fees are very reasonable and are listed under the "Services" link.  Tuina, or Chinese style bodywork, is a huge part of my practice and is incorporated into every session.  Nutritional recommendations and Chinese herbs are also part of the therapies I can offer to help patients continue their healing process on their own.   My style of treatment is very gentle and nurturing, which I feel ultimately helps the healing to go deep--when patients are relaxed their bodies and spirits are more receptive to the healing process.  I love to see patients who have never tried acupuncture before because my gentle style helps calm their fears, and I take extra time to explain each step as it is happening.  I also love to see patients who keep coming back because they appreciate the extra massage I give, which is not standard with all acupuncturists.  Most of all, I love to hear from patients who have not returned in a while because they are feeling better!

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Chrissie Natoli, MSOM, LAc
TX Medical License # AC01012
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Happy to now be accepting medical insurance for acupuncture services!